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What’s the Point of College?

For liberal arts, the claim is different and seems more accurate, that it will enrich your life and provide lessons that extend beyond any individual job.

Source: What’s the Point of College?

I found this to be a very interesting and well thought-out article, that mimics many of my thoughts on today’s college evolution:

  • More people are being encouraged to go to college than there are jobs requiring those educations.
  • Most colleges and universities are not producing workforce-ready employees.
  • Fewer universities and colleges are demonstrating their value (and likely just churning out graduates for profit rather than being a filter for the most-employable).
  • Too many university degrees are over-specialized.
  • Too many employers value pedigree over capability.
  • Liberal arts degrees provide better long-term value because they focus on the “how” of learning along with the “what”, rather than treating the degree as a commodity.

Regardless, the higher education landscape continues to evolve.  It just makes me wonder where it will be when my kids are finishing up high-school.

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