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Midweek Music Break: Beck – Dreams

I first heard this song on the radio, unannounced, and assumed it was a new song from one of the more recent alternative acts, like Imagine Dragons or Bastille.  When the song finished and they said it was Beck, my first thought was “Seriously?  Awesome!”, shortly followed by “Great to see Beck is back!”

Don’t get me wrong…Morning Phase was a solid album, but not the style of Beck that I like as much.  I skew towards “Loser”, the entire Odelay! album, and “E-Pro” more.  So, I really can’t get enough of Dreams, which feel like “Beck’s take on Imagine Dragons” and it very hard to not head-bob to.  Take it from the unofficial video below:

I’m hoping we can get some more music like this from Beck.  It may not stir up a lot of Grammy controversy, but it sure is a lot of fun!

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