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Midweek Music Break: The Struts – Could Have Been Me

I’m not sure how many times I heard this song on the radio before I started singing along with it, but I do recall turning back and singing it at my sons while sitting at a red light.  It was at that point that I needed to figure out who sung it.

After finally googling the lyrics, I found The Struts and was able to get the song into my collection.  And now I can belt it out while driving on the highway on the way to and from work.  It’s a great anthem about not taking life for granted (which the officially video completely swings and misses on, and has a 2-minute “hangover” intro, so you get the audio-only version above).

I may view “living life to it’s fullest” differently than the band, but nonetheless find a connection to.  A life worth living takes you through the full cycle of emotions, and it’s important to embrace that as we look at our future choices rather than look back and dwell on the past.

And if I ever find this song for karaoke, I apologize in advance…

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  1. Agreed. I discovered this song accidentally yesterday when I was trying to find the local classic rock format station (100.3FM) on the analog kitchen radio and landed on the local hard rock format station (101.1FM), which has apparently broadened its playlist. I’m a karaoke DJ and immediately recognized this song as a karaoke must-have, but I assume they haven’t licensed it out yet because I’ve checked every source there is to check (including audio-only MP3’s) and there is no karaoke version of “Could Have Been Me.” This is a tragedy that must be addressed ASAP. 🙂

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