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Midweek Music Break: Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

Before we get into Christmas music, let’s stick with the Jackson family theme and make a stop with Michael.

In today’s world of diluted “celebrity” status, it can be easy to forget exactly how big a star Michael Jackson.  This video, which probably wouldn’t crack a Top 10 list of his best music (and is still a great song), is 9+ minutes long (for a 4 minute song) and features Eddie Murphy (near the peak of his career), Iman and Magic Johnson, as well as cutting-edge special effects (for 1991).  Basically, Michael Jackson was so big, that he got to do just about whatever he wanted and had stars drooling over the chance to work with him.  While many have tried to replicate this kind of caché, it typically pales in comparison to even Jackson’s “also ran” efforts.

All that said, it’s still a strong song with a catchy beat and all the great Michael Jackson flares.  It’s deceptively complex, and keeps your head bobbing while building to the finish.  All the hallmarks from the man who defined Pop music.

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