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Midweek Music Break: We Came As Romans – I Knew You Were Trouble

Somehow, I appear to have previously not stated my love for the “Punk Goes Pop” series, which is basically the opposite of “Kids Bop”…they take pop radio hits and then recreate them with actual instruments.  A lot of the bands involved I had never heard of before their covers, but many have become mainstays in my music collection since.

We Came As Romans took this embarrassingly bad Taylor Swift song, added some instruments and emotion, and managed to make it a solid song, complete with an entertaining video.  The band’s two singers add the vocal contrast and dynamics that the song was begging for, while the gritty guitars feed the angst and frustration central to the lyrics.

In essence, this is what I love about the Punk Goes Pop series.  Most of these bands do one of two things with the songs they tackle:

  1. Reinvent it in their own style: The greatest being Of Mice & Men’s “Blame It“, who completely turn this song’s vibe on it’s head and make it feel completely out of control.
  2. Breathe new lift into it: The above is a great example because the band clearly takes the song and owns it.

Granted, not every song in the series is a home run…and some completely miss the mark, but overall it’s a lot of fun to hear the songs you got tired of (or never wanted to hear in the first place) given a new treatment.

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