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Midweek Music Break: Fantastic Negrito – An Honest Man

While I had started Amazon’s “Hand of God” back in the fall, I hadn’t gotten around to finishing it until this week.  While the show was decent (though, I’m still thoroughly confused about what it’s trying to be), the opening credits always struck a chord, thanks to Fantastic Negrito’s “An Honest Man”.

The song has that awesome dark and foreboding blues style, and reminds me of The Brothers Bright’s “Blood on My Name” (from an episode of the Blacklist, which coincidentally also had Ron Perlman in it) and The Heavy’s “Short Change Hero” (which was so well used in the Batman: Arkham City trailer).  While a bit more soulful than those other efforts, the mood is very similar and conjures up a plethora of emotions, which matches the show very well.

And learning a little more about Fantastic Negrito, it’s also nice to see an artist hitting their stride after spending so much time in the industry.  It’s taken almost 20 years, and he appears to be finally hitting his stride.

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