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Month: April 2016

Midweek Music Break: Seeed – Augenbling

Apparently, every once in a while the YouTube suggested videos are actually useful, since that’s how I came across this 2012 song from German band Seeed.

Now, I’ve been known to enjoy a number of foreign-language songs (at least to this native English-speaker), even though I don’t always know what the song is about.  In fact, there’s often a freedom in enjoying the music and the vocals without the need to know what it’s about.

In this case, it’s a smooth beat combined with catchy vocals (and an entertaining video) that make for a great listen where I don’t even car what the song is about (but I will admit I looked them up, just to make sure it wasn’t objectionable).  And that’s a great thing to have happen when you end up stumbling across a song.

Midweek Music Break: Justin Timberlake – SexyBack

So, for some reason it took be about a decade to actually come around and like this song…

I mean, after rising with a meh boy band and not making too many good songs himself, while still having women go gaga over him, I took him for a vapid self-indulged talent-less tool.

However, The Lonely Island and Jimmy Fallon made me rethink everything.  So, after many years I’ve come around…at least to this song.  Besides, the beat’s by Timbaland, who’s just about the best in the business.

So, put on a smile and get down with your bad self…this one’s just for fun!

Midweek Music Break: Silversun Pickups – The Wild Kind

I’ve been a fan of the Silversun Pickups for a while now, and their 2015 album, Better Nature, is another great collection of songs.  My favorite so far has been “The Wild Kind”:

This is the last song on the album, and it has that feel.  It takes it’s time, starts out slow, builds up, and then chills out again.  And somehow, it manages to maintain an ethereal feel to it across the song.  It’s also a slight departure from some of the band’s darker and cynical songs, which might also be part of the draw.  I always enjoy when a band tackles something out of their safe zone, and then does it well.  It’s almost as satisfying as when they manage to hit the bar on a follow-up song we as listeners tend to set for them when we like a song.

If you haven’t checked out Better Nature yet, I’d advise checking it out.  It’s even available streaming for free on Prime Music.

Midweek Music Break: Turbowolf – Nine Lives

Once again, thank you Guitar Hero

I was playing Guitar Hero Live’s TV mode last week and was treated to this song (with it’s extremely phychidelic video), and afterwards I couldn’t get it out of my head, so it’s now joined my collection.

I love how this song just hits and keeps on hitting, making it a great driving song, and the intertwining of male and female vocals makes the song distinct.  It’s like a modern homage to 70’s rock, somewhere between The White Stripes and Alice Cooper…and a whole lot of fun!