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Taking Stock

When I started this blog back in 2006 (I just now realized this site has been around for more than a decade…wow), it was as an outlet for me to comment on the things that interested me.  Over time, it’s evolved and devolved, changed platforms, changed focus, and lost focus, but mostly just existed.

Almost 2 years ago, I introduced the Midweek Music Break series that, in all honesty, I started as a motivation to blog more regularly.  It was supposed to be the intermission between more regular postings on my random topics.  However, that portion never materialized, and the Midweek Music Break took over as the central focus of my blogging, with me setting myself a weekly reminder to stay on top of it.

While I always enjoy sharing my broad musical interests, that’s not what I want to focus of my blog to be.  It should be a sidenote, but there wasn’t a main article.  In fact, I hadn’t much considered what I wanted the main focus of this blog to be, and thus, it never had a focus.  Sure, there were technical discussions, I was able to share some of my baking and cooking interests, and I was able to talk about my development as a runner, but most of the time I just never felt I had expertise worth sharing…or at least not interesting enough for others to read.

Over the last year, I’ve come back around to realize that I do have a story to tell, and I believe it’s a matter of putting pen to paper (or at least “fingers to keys”, but that sounds weird).  So, I’ll probably still have posts about running, baking and other current events.  However, I also want to make more of an effort to share insight from my career in Product Management.  I’m in a very exciting position at Thomson Reuters, and want to help develop the profession through discussion.

So, I’ll be working to find the central story to this blog, and I hope you’ll continue to join me on this journey.  Hopefully we’ll all learn something along the way as well!

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