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What’s the Point of College?

For liberal arts, the claim is different and seems more accurate, that it will enrich your life and provide lessons that extend beyond any individual job. Source: What’s the Point of College? I found this to be a very interesting and well thought-out article, that mimics many of my thoughts on today’s college evolution: More people are being encouraged to go to college than there are jobs requiring those educations. Most colleges and universities are not producing workforce-ready employees. Fewer...


High-End Shopping In A Declining Economy?

This afternoon my wife and I ventured over to Ross Park Mall, on the north side of Pittsburgh.  Now, living on the south side of town, we probably haven't been up to that mall in nearly four years.  Well, in that time, the mall's management has been working to make the mall more upscale and leave the general shopping to the numerous strip malls and plazas that surround the main mall.  They've added a Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and a...


Are You Staying Professional With Your Business?

Is it just me, or are some people just being lazy when it comes to promoting their businesses online.  Especially in the case of small businesses, it seems that many are plagued with cutting corners.  Recently, I came across two examples of this that really struck me as bad decisions. The first is an office building in downtown Pittsburgh, which has a huge banner (probably at least 20 feet tall and 5 feet wide) that reads “Office Space For Rent  ...


Pushing Off The Inevitable Economic Collapse

Anyone who is interested in the current economic situation of the United States should take a few minutest to read Too Big to Fail? by Peter Goodman in The New York Times.  It's a very terse look at the current American situation, and some of the questionable things that have been done in an attempt to prop up the declining economy.  While the government is again jumping to bail out poorly run businesses, the article points out that is probably...


Stock Market Facination

About a month ago, my wife sent me a link to CNBC's Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, saying that she thought it would be something I'd be interested in. That probably came from my participation in ProTrade over the last year, which allows you to trade stock in athletes and teams based on their performance. Granted, it's nothing like the real stock market and is much more volatile (as can be seen by my 3600% portfolio growth since last April). I...


My First Business Trip

Well, late last week, I had my first excuse to take a business trip.  I went with a  small team of people (my boss, our lead sales guy, and I was the technical guy) to give a presentation on our product down in Alabama. As a guy who spends most of his working days staring at code, there really hasn't been an occasion when I've needed to travel for anything.  However, this time my boss told me he wanted to...


Oils Well Again?

Chevron and it's partners recently found oil in a test well in the Gulf of Mexico. While being touted as a major breakthrough for domestic oil supplies, it's likey to set back alternative fuels back a few years as pressure on automotive companies will be reduced. Still, I'd encourage anyone with any regard for the environment to continue to make their voice heard when it comes to alternative fuels.  


What Do Geek Squad Technicians Actually Do?

It's a very valid question this is raised over on Slashdot, and in my two experiences (only because the laptop was still under warranty, otherwise I wouldn't have wasted my time) they don't do very much. The first time, the guy was able to run a diagnostics CD and then ship the laptop back to Sony (the touchpad had died). The second time, the guy was able to look up the error message on Google, and then managed to break...