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BCS Chickens Out: Pits Party Crashers Against Each Other

So, you're a non-BCS school that busts it's ass all year to prove you belong, and what happens when you do get an invite?  That's right, they pit you against the other party crasher so you can't have the chance to prove that you can compete and beat the big boys!

In what can only be labeled as cowardice, no matter how they spin it, the BCS has rejected these teams with their brand of “acceptance”.  In a year where any two of the five remaining undefeated teams have a legitimate claim to the game (Texas and Alabama only get the nods here because they won in conferences which were two of the best the last few years, something that cannot be definitively said of the Big 12 and SEC this year as both had down years in terms of overall performance), that these two were simply shrugged off is ludicrous.

However, with the possibility of there being three legitimate undefeated teams come the end of the season (we're guaranteed two right now), calling any of them a definitive champion is impossible in the current system.  Proving once again that the BCS is crap, and that a playoff is necessary if NCAA football is to remain credible.  Sure, they may get by with their big contracts and major bowls for now, but as questionable scenarios (like this year's and last's) continue and traditional bowl games are devalued, they will eventually come to their senses and handle things just like every other NCAA team sport and division has done it for decades.

Pepsi Logo or New Major League Jai-Alai Logo?


When I first saw the new Pepsi logo, I first thought of the sport of Jai-Alai, and how it would make a great logo for Major League Jai-Alai (if there were such a thing).

jai alai

Seriously, what does the new logo have to do with Pepsi besides being red, white and blue. And they’ve done this brand deconstruction with all their products as well. Brilliant! Wait…no…seems just like a waste of time and money if you ask me!

Your True NCAA Football Champs: Utah Utes

Congratulations to the Utah Utes, who soundly defeated the SEC runner-up Alabama Tide in this evenings 2009 Sugar Bowl to cement themselves as the only undefeated FBS team on the season.  It wasn’t smoke and mirrors, they just soundly beat a good football team.

Sadly, after beating a number of ranked teams throughout the season (including two of the top 11 teams in the final BCS standings [TCU and Alabama], the only team to defeat USC [Oregon State] and even one other Top 25 team [BYU, bringing their win total against Top 25 teams to four]) they were screwed out of even having a chance to play for the national championship because they are an outsider in a system geared towards picking a champion from a select few conferences.  Had they been given the chance they deserved, there is little doubt that they would have at least made a game of it, if not won it outright.  Instead, they have to sit and watch two teams who each have a loss.

And regardless of whatever slant the BCS spins, to call the winner of the Oklahoma-Florida a definitive national champion is a joke (not to mention the whole Texas and Oklahoma controversy that has already gone down).  Here’s to hoping that the media takes the high road for AP balloting and awards Utah with at least part of a split championship.  Don’t hold your breath though…

And The Music Industry Is Wondering Why They Are Losing People…

So, I was browsing for recent music releases, one entry caught my eye.  No, not because I’d have any interest in listening to it, but because of it’s inaccuracy…
Yep, that’s the recent release WOW Hits 2009, which was released more than a month ago!  In my opinion, the beginning of November is a bit early to release the “hits” of 2008, let alone 2009.  Someday, historians will look back and wonder why everything is off by a year.

It’s worse than the years on car models (which at least don’t have a “release date”), and almost bad as seeing movies that haven’t even been released yet nominated for Oscars.

Yes, the marketing world has lost it’s collective mind.

If You Can’t Drive In Bad Weather, Please Just Stay Home…

So, tonight my commute took twice as long as usual.  And why?  Were there torrential downpours?  Freezing rain?  White-out conditions?

Nope, there was just a steady slush falling from the sky (much more rain than snow) that was melting as soon as it touched anything.  The roads weren’t slick at all besides our side street, and is a steep brick road (which tend to get worse much faster than asphalt).  And apparently that was bad enough to have hundreds of people stuck on the highway going 30 MPH in a 55 that most treat as 65 on I-79.  It was ridiculous and frustrating.

And then I got stuck behind someone who thought the best solution was to go half the speed limit once we got off the highway.  Hoo-ray!

Look, if you can’t drive adequately in moderate weather, let alone some of the wintry conditions we get up north, then please go to your nearest DMV/BMV and turn in your license.  You’re just an accident waiting to happen.

If I had my way, I’d be revoking nearly half of all licenses today.  People need to be reminded that the right to operate a two-ton piece of machinery is a privilege, and not a right!

“Happily Married and Dreaming of Divorce”?

Unfortunately, I came across this article through CNN (through Oprah's publishing group) about a woman complaining about her husband and how much work their marriage is. In all honesty, it's a horrible piece of writing that does little more than demonstrate that the author would rather complain about her life in a public forum than do anything to improve it.

Interesting was the point she tried to make that “divorce” is no longer a dirty word and looked down upon. That may be true in her circle of New York City friends, but I'm certain that it's not so well accepted in the rest of the country. I know I still view divorce as something that never really needs to happen. Of course, there are cases where it is for the best (namely cases of battered or cheating spouses), yet most divorces result from bad decision making (because likely you didn't know the person well enough going into the relationship, or foolishly decided you could change them) or lack of effort (it's amazing how many people can't even discuss their true feelings with their spouse).

And in the end, she concludes that the real power is knowing she has a choice to stay with or leave her husband. Of course, if I were her husband and I read that, it begins to sound a lot more like blackmail. “Here's where you've screwed up, and if you keep it up, I'm leaving!” Yep, that sounds like a real solid foundation to build a close-knit emotional bond upon. I can't believe it's not working!

In the end, this is just another jet spray in the fountain of crap that is the Oprah empire, cornering the market on false women's empowerment, quasi-spirituality, and insincere charity (boy, what a farce the Big Give was…she hardly gave a crap). With quality like this, you can be certain that I will be avoiding all content with her trademark upon it.

Yea, I'm on the can right now…

Am I the only one weirded out when they come across somebody talking on their cell phone while using the facilities in a public bathroom? I've run into it several times in the last few weeks, and it bothers me. Not only is it poor ettiquette because nobody on the other end wants to hear you grunting and flushing and nobody else in the bathroom wants in on your conversation, but it's also very poor hygiene. If you get germs or viruses on your phone while using it on the can, washing your hands while still on the phone doesn't clean your phone, and the next time you touch it you just get them back.

Next time, just hang up before you go!

Amusement Park Rules

My wife and I were at Kennywood, the local amusement park here in Pittsburgh, for my company picnic on Saturday. We had a good time on a gorgeous day, and as always, I enjoyed the people watching. And in doing so, it brought to light some amusement park rules that should be followed.

  1. Ladies, don’t wear skirts/dresses to an amusement park. Rollercoasters are not the best place for a fashion

    show. It’s just not functional.

  2. Don’t tell your kids they’re tall enough for a ride when they’re not. It just leads to disappointment and wasted time.
  3. Don’t use your cell phone while in line for a ride. Amusement parks are loud, and yelling “WHAT?” into your phone does not qualify as a conversation. If you need to use your cell phone, that’s what text messaging is for.
  4. If you work at an amusement park, don’t let your friends cut long lines to get on rides (unless they’re also physically disabled). It’s just going to piss people off and get you reported to your boss. Your friends being “mentally disabled” doesn’t cut it.
  5. Dress casually, but try not to wear anything that will make people vomit. So, leave your 1982 mesh muscle shirt at home next time.
  6. Don’t get in line at the concession stand and complain that there’s nothing on the menu that’s good for your diet. Did you really think that they’d suddenly started selling salads and tofu bars alongside corn dogs, deep fried Oreos, and french fries smothered in cheese and bacon?
  7. If you’re going on a water ride, you’re going to get wet! I can’t believe how many people I see get of log flumes and rapids rides that just look shocked that they actually got wet. Oh, and if you’re going to buy a poncho to try not to get wet, then don’t even bother with the ride!
  8. Ladies…again…enough with the bikini-top-as-a-top look. I don’t want to see your gut (as it’s almost always the people that shouldn’t be wearing an outfit that do).
  9. If your looking to ditch your gum while you are in line, there are trash cans. Just sticking it to the wall/fence/post or throwing it in the nearest tree is just gross.
  10. Parents, keep your kids in line. An amusement park is not a playground for your kids to run wild in.

Well, those are just the ones off the top of my head. You guys got any others?

No Brain Buckets For Big Ben

As you've probably heard by now, Steeler's quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Not only that, but he was riding without without a helmet (which is probably #3 on my list of stupid things you can do, right behind smoking and unprotected sex).

Now, after suffering a broken jaw, a collapsed sinus, a 9" gash on the back of his head and multiple leg injuries and undergoing 7 hours of surgery, there are some serious questions coming up about his ability to play for the Black & Gold this season. The start of the season is still almost 3 months away, but training camps start next month (with some mini-camps starting already) and the beginning of the season will come quickly. He may not be ready in time, especially if he has to have his jaw wired shut.

Even though he was the "golden boy" after the Steeler's Super Bowl win (one of the ugliest in history), this event already has some people pretty upset. Not all the details are out, but enough for people to be criticizing his decision to go helmet-less. And that's a very unusual thing to see in this Steelers-do-no-wrong town.

I may have more on this story later…

In the meantime, keep your helmets on you crazy kids!