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Nearing the End of the NCAAs Long, Dark, Twisted Road?

It’s been more than a few years now since I hit my disillusionment threshold with the NCAA.  Yes, I allowed myself to get sucked back into this years NCAA Basketball Tournament (I almost hate to admit my soft sport for the UConn Huskies still), but even then was sick of the corporate branding and general blandness that the NCAA and it’s “schools” have worked so hard at. And now there’s the O’Bannon v. NCAA trial going on, which makes for...


Ted Stevens: Another Case Of Voter Misinformation?

For ages, politicians have been accused of being unscrupulous crooks.  However, voters have managed to keep from putting a known crook into office. But that track record may come to an end. Alaska Senator Ted Stevens [who has served 40 years in the Senate, was often quoted when he regarded the internet as a “series of tubes”, and was repeatedly denounced by Obama, McCain and Palin for his conviction for failing to properly report gifts] is still in the contest...


Why I Voted For McCain

You've probably heard the old business adage about the three most important factors in the success of a business: Location, Location, Location Similarly, in the “most important election anyone in the universe may ever experience” between McCain and Obama, there were three key factors for me: Policy, Policy, Policy Regardless of who gets elected, we will see change.  W just took the executive brance too far to the right for us not to see any kind of change.  The question...


Campaign '08: It's A Shame You Can't Pick And Choose

As election day draws nearer and nearer (only 32 days away as of today), I am becoming less and less clear about who I favor in the coming election.  Right now, I'd love to be able to take stances from each of the four Presidential and VP candidates, and combine them into one ideal candidate.  Unfortunately, that's not possible (besides, I might be looked down on for creating some kind of Franken-candidate) and a decision has to be made.  So...


4 Problems With The U.S.'s Current Political System

While there are a lot of things currently wrong with the American political system, there are several that jump out at me which appear to be holding us back from bettering this country: The Two-Party System – Besides limiting the choices of the American public, the two-party system is extremely polarizing.  This means that any stance on issues not 110% in line with party platforms gets chastized or scrutinized until it's dropped or dismissed.  It's also created an “Us vs....


What Makes For A Good Politician?

In order to sort out this mess being called as an “election” and “campaigns”, I was doing some more reading about McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden. That's when I got to thinking: What makes for a good politician? When I began to think about it, it became a much more difficult question to answer. After all, there have not been many candidates in my lifetime who I would label as “good” politicians. So I started thinking about the qualities an...


Pushing Off The Inevitable Economic Collapse

Anyone who is interested in the current economic situation of the United States should take a few minutest to read Too Big to Fail? by Peter Goodman in The New York Times.  It's a very terse look at the current American situation, and some of the questionable things that have been done in an attempt to prop up the declining economy.  While the government is again jumping to bail out poorly run businesses, the article points out that is probably...



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Thanks For Wasting More Taxpayer Money, Senator Spectre

So, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spectre seems intent on wasting more of Congress' time and taxpayer money into figuring out why the NFL destroyed the “Spygate” videos.  I mean, it couldn't be as simple as not wanting other teams to be able to get their hands on them as well to the expense of the Jets.  Nope, they had to be trying to cover something up.  Instead, he has to take a vendetta on behalf of Steelers and Eagles fans (who,...