A Hard Reset

I’ve had this site now for almost a dozen years, starting with a self-created blog platform. After a few years, I moved to a self-hosted blogging platform to focus on the writing, eventually writing more than 500 posts on a plethora of topics.

From time to time, writing for this blog began to feel like work, or simply became unimportant in the course of daily life. Admittedly, a number of those posts were what I’d now consider immature, poorly thought out, or just posting something for the sake of posting.

Because of that, the blog became a disjointed meandering through the irrelevancies of my fringe interests. I’d gotten to the point of embarrassment with my blog, as it not only had become something I had no interest in reading, but reflected poorly on me and the things I care about.

So, today marks a new era for the site bearing my name. All the previous content has been archived and removed from the site, and new content will be forthcoming. There will still be a collection of topics, as I do still plan to post on the topics that pique my interest, but ultimately I want this site I can be proud of, even if nobody’s reading. Hopefully, a fresh start will help make that happen.