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5 Reasons Google Music Drives Me Crazy…But I Use It Anyway

While Google Music Beta debuted almost six months ago, I played around with it initially and didn’t find many practical uses for it.  I had all of my music locally at home, had a solid MP3 player, and my employer didn’t allow for streaming video or music on a regular basis.  So, I pushed it over in a corner and left it alone for a while. Recently, some of that changed.  My MP3 player died on me, and I changed jobs, and...


The Buzz About Google Buzz

So, Google Buzz has arrived, seemingly out of nowhere.  And I have to say, it’s OK…. And just OK at that.  While it’s not the potentially revolutionary step that Google Wave could have been, it is Google’s best effort at tackling the “Social Web” so far. The problem is that it comes across as a hackneyed attempt to compete with Twitter and Facebook.  First, it’s essentially a Twitter clone, without the character limits and plus links to outside sites (like...


I Have To Admit, This Is Pretty Awesome!

As a software developer, desktop space is at a premium.  I strongly prefer dual monitor setups because I can usually code in one screen and test in the other.  For this reason, I've often shied away from doing any serious development on a laptop (at least one that isn't docked) because of the single-monitor constraint. That is, until I saw the gScreen Spacebook: Now that's the stuff of software developers dreams (even if it is in the neighborhood of $3000)!


Microsoft Songsmith: Good Intentions, Awful Execution

So, one of Microsoft's latest projects, Songsmith, has hit the wild, and let's say the reviews are less than spectacular.  The idea behind the product is that you sing a song that comes into your head, and it creates a basic music track to go along with that.  Sounds like a possibly useful tool, but then we see how it progresses from there. From the get go, the advertising for the product is terrible.  However, on top of that, it...


Goodbye Microsoft Office

For many years, I've been a user of Microsoft Office.  I've been running Office 2003 for years now, as I've been unwilling to upgrade to the latest 2007 release because it simply costs more than I use the product now.  I'm no longer writing long reports and compiling spreadsheets of data and putting together presentations on my home computer (at work, that's a different matter). So, this weekend I took the plunge and replaced Office with a combination of Mozilla...


My Wife The Blogger

Today is a proud day for me, because my wife has now joined the blogging community.  Over the weekend, I helped her get together her blog and make it look how she wanted, and today she wrote her first post.  Check it out and give her a shout-out when you get a chance!


Today Was iTool Day

Were you one of the hundreds, if not thousands, camped out at various AT&T stores today to get your hands on a new iPhone?  Ya, know…the one with the modestly enhanced features and overall price tag that justifies none of them. Well, if you were, I feel sorry for you. I'm so sick about hearing of iAnything that I'd ditch my four year old iPod Mini in favor of the vastly better designed Zune if I could justify the cost...


If I Were A Microsoft Employee, This Would Make Me Nervous

Thursday, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer came down with yet another case of foot-in-mouth disease: “Google is not ahead of us” said Ballmer, “In the area of search specifically, Google would lead.” I'm not sure where he's coming from, but if it has just about anything to do with the internet, then Goodle is ahead of Microsoft: Advertising Online Applications (Google Apps, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc.) Video (YouTube) It's not like Microsoft doesn't rule the roost with it's other moneymakers like Windows,...


O'Reilly Claims Technology Divorces Us From Reality

In case you missed it, Bill O'Reilly recently went on a rant about how technology divorces people from people from reality and causes anti-social behavior. Of course, this is coming from the guy who's “no spin zone” regularly demonstrates how out of touch with reality he is himself. We'll just add another tally mark to the board for this one. But don't you love how these news show yammerers like to jump on the bandwagon of a small minority and...


Whither The Election

Well, election day has just wrapped up and the nation's leadership for the next few years has been chosen. Now, whether or not the Diebold machines got it right remains to be seen. But it brings me to a point, or set of points about elections, which I'll open with the following statement: I didn't vote today. Now, there are several reasons I didn't vote, including not having registered as a Pennsylvania citizen yet (still switching things from Ohio slowly)....