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Amazing Race 12 – 11/11/2007 0

Amazing Race 12 – 11/11/2007

Another week, another elimination.  Even though we were treated to somebody's grandfather in his underwear as he struggled to cross a bog (let's just say he needs to switch to boxers), it was ultimately...

Amazing Race 12 – 11/4/2007 0

Amazing Race 12 – 11/4/2007

So begins the 12th season of The Amazing Race.  After having to put up with last season's rehash “all-stars” format (having only one team that actually won the race previously, one team that wasn't...

LOST Still Doing Fine 0

LOST Still Doing Fine

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but yes, I am a Lost viewer. I wasn't until the fall, and hearing so much about it I decided to check into what all the...

Race Scheduling Conflict 0

Race Scheduling Conflict

Last night, my wife was busy with homework early in the evening, so we decided to let the DVR pick up the debut of “The Amazing Race: All-Stars” for us at 8pm. A few...

Best Top Gear Ever! 0

Best Top Gear Ever!

Well, one of my guilty pleasures is watching fragments of the BBC car show Top Gear on YouTube. Sometimes they’re informative, and sometimes they’re doing things that are just off-the-wall. Regardless, they’re almost always...

TV's Nielsen Problem 0

TV's Nielsen Problem

I'm officially growing sick of "This Week's Top TV Shows" Reports, and the dependence upon which the television industry places upon them (for advertising purposes, which then influences program decision making). While the Nielsen...

Get In Gear 0

Get In Gear

Recently I've caught on to the BBC car show, Top Gear. I wouldn't call myself a car buff, but this is easily the best car show I've ever watched. Along with serious reviews of...

OLN: <em>Outdoor</em> Life Network…Right? 0

OLN: Outdoor Life Network…Right?

I caught a little bit of the Tour de France on OLN today during my lunch bread, and what do I see but a self-advertisement promoting their 8-ball Billiards finale on Sunday. Now, correct...

Futurama Coming Back Indeed 0

Futurama Coming Back Indeed

It won't be for two more year, but this outstanding series is coming back! New Episodes Of Futurama Coming To Comedy Central

Until Next Year, Jack Bauer 0

Until Next Year, Jack Bauer

So, last night I got to catch up on the end of the season of my favorite show on TV, 24. I’ve been recording it on the DVR so I can watch an intense...