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Greg Nilsen Posts

Politically Correct Since 1836

In an interesting move that has garnered very little publicity, the new MLS franchise has changed it’s name from the Houston 1836 to the Houston Dynamo. The old name was a tribute to the year that the city was founded, but the Hispanic population aparrently caused an uproar because 1836 was also the year that Texas gained it’s independence from Mexico. I’m not sure how that offensive or demoralizing to Hispanics who are living in Texas, but the county controller at least had a problem with it.

So, now the team, which moved to Houston for the upcoming season after failing to secure a stadium deal in San Jose after last season, has been renamed without even playing a single game. The name is very similar to the Houston Dynamos of the United Soccer League, who only played a single season in 1984, though they claim no connection.

In my opinion, both names are pretty bad. I understand using the city’s founding year as a tribute, but as a team name it’s terrible. ‘Dynamo’ isn’t much better because it doesn’t identify with much besides 1980’s buzz-words.

But worst is the rampant abuse of political correctness. It’s the equivalent of having a large number of british people move into Massachusetts so that they represented a majority of the population, and then complain that the name ‘Patriots’ is insensitive to them because the lost the Revolutionary War. It’s just flat-out rediculous.

But the name was awful to begin with!

“Crash”-ing The Party

I was glad to see that the Oscars finally got something right. As much as the glitz and glamor of Hollywood drives me crazy, Crash was probably one of the most powerful and thought-provoking movies I’ve ever seen. Though the confused cowboy story got all the press, no movie went out and pressed social norms quite like crash. This movie wasn’t out for Oscar glory, but it got it anyway.

So many scenes from that movie will stay with me for life, because they were so powerful. If you can walk away from that movie not questioning your own responses and feelings about racial perceptions, you weren’t paying attention.

On the other hand, I’m still trying to figure out how you can award the Best Director Oscar to someone who didn’t have the Best Picture.

WBC an Instant Classic?

As a baseball fan, I'm rather torn on the idea of the World Baseball Classic. I think it's an intriguing idea to make the game bigger than MLB itself. Riding on the heels of the Winter Olympics, you'd think that it would have a lot going for it.

However, it has been met mostly with resistance and apathy. Most of the owners worry about their multi-million dollar investments in individual players, while players would either rather take it easy in spring training or just protect their own personal interests. Poor promotion has also left even the average baseball fan out in the cold.

However, the WBC does have the potential to eventually transform into the "Wolrld Cup of Baseball", and yet it may become another failed experiment like the XFL.