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After my first marathon with my boys.
After my first marathon with my boys.

Hello there! My name is Greg Nilsen and I created as a place for me to share my thoughts on the things in my life, from leisure to work to running to contemplating society in general.

Professionally speaking, I’m currently the Product Manager for eBillingHub, a product of Thomson Reuters.

I have previously held positions at the Grant Street Group as a Project Manager for their TaxSys tax collection and billing software, Northrop Grumman as a Senior Software Developer and Product Manager for OpenTrac Director,  the defunct Express Financial Services as a DBA, and at UPMC as a Software Developer/Analyst for child behavior research studies.

My educational background consists of a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh, where I focused on Artificial Intelligence (specifically, intelligent search) and my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Hiram College.

I’m also an avid runner and 2-time marathoner (Thunder Road in Charlotte in 2013 and Pittsburgh in 2015).

I currently live in Mt. Lebanon, PA with my wife, Marci, and our sons.

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  1. Alexandra Pfenninger Alexandra Pfenninger

    Hi, Greg.

    I read your post on the five things that you don’t like about Google Music and, as a new Google Music user, appreciated your mention of the services insufficient rating system, its failure to offer Smart playlists and a song que, and the scant details it displays on songs and artists. As you pointed out, all the benefits of having your music collection online become insignificant if those features that help users organize and access their music files aren’t available. With its enormous network and other resources, I also think Google could make a killing if it resolves these issues. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    I think you might like this video on the same subject. Using news coverage from several sources, it discusses Google Music and addresses the company’s decision to debut changes to its service in the next two weeks with or without getting the four major record labels to sign onto the project. While the Wall Street Journal calls Google’s decision to move forward risky, other news media like Mobiledia say Google must stay at the forefront of service offerings if it wants to compete against iTunes and Spotify. I hope you will consider embedding it in your post.

    Alexandra Pfenninger
    Newsy Community

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